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MacGregor Golf V Foil Wedge Set 52-56-60, Satin Black, Mens Left Hand

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Incredible value wedge set gives you all the tools you need for any of those crucial scoring shots. The 52° gap wedge is perfect to plug the distance gap between your pitching wedge and sand wedge, and also great for lower chips that run out. The 56° sand wedge will likely be the one you reach for the most, with a perfect combination of loft and spin for essential chips and approaches. The 60° lob wedge give you the highest shot shape, landing soft and stopping quick, great if you don't have a lot of room to work with.

  • Stainless steel head gives great feel around the green
  • Full wide-grind sole is designed to help players who may chunk/dig their wedges, or who play on softer ground
  • Maxed out grooves work within the law to maximize spin
  • Fitted with a wedge-flex steel shaft and standard MacGregor grip  
Loft Bounce Length
52 8 35.5
56 12 35.5
60 8 35
Age Group: